Online giants Google and YouTube have announced a series of search updates intended to enhance user experience in 2018.

Youtube is imposing stricter criteria for content creators, while Google is introducing new search updates aimed at improving mobile page speeds, as well as an updated app for Google AdWords users. We take a closer look at the changes to see what they mean for users of both platforms.


Criteria Changes for YouTube Monetisation

YouTube has introduced new metrics that users must exceed in order to be eligible for monetisation of their content. The video sharing platform is looking to refocus their Partner Program, which previously allowed creators to place advertisements with their videos as long as their content had exceeded 10,000 total views.

Total views are no longer a metric for the Partner Program – YouTube channels now need to exceed 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of total watch time in a 12 month period to be eligible for monetisation.

YouTube VP for Display, Video Ads and Analytics Paul Muret said that the changes were instituted to ‘…better identify the channels that have earned the right to run ads. Instead of basing acceptance purely on views, we want to take channel size, audience engagement and creator behaviour into consideration.’

These rules have already been implemented for new applicants to the Partner Program – content creators with existing profiles will have until February 20 to get up to speed with the changes.

Page Speed Will Be a Factor for Google Mobile Rankings

The importance of mobile page speed has been on the rise for some time, but upcoming Google changes will prompt those running sluggish mobile pages to get in the fast lane.

As of July of this year, page speed will become a ranking metric for mobile search. Google’s ‘Speed Update’ will look to penalise the rankings of slow loading mobile pages.

As is common with Google, specifics of the algorithm changes are being kept under wraps – the move is not expected to completely disqualify slow pages from positive rankings if the content offered is of high quality and relevance.

Those running mobile pages with lagging speeds have several months to work toward optimisation. Google PageSpeed Insights has been recommended as a useful tool for those concerned about their mobile page performance – the program has undergone a recent update to provide accurate figures based on real-world usage.

Google AdWords App Updated to Allow for Keyword Changes

Advertisers making use of the AdWords app received a welcome update last week – users can now use the mobile app to add, remove or edit campaign keywords, as well as forecast keyword performance.

The upgrade is good news for users who are struck suddenly by keyword inspiration when away from their computer – you can simply grab your smartphone and make changes on the fly.

To new app is simple and intuitive to use. The interface allows users to enter words or phrases and add them to the relevant campaign with a few clicks. A simple search function allows users to get keyword ideas from a seed word, before adding them to their campaign.

To grab the new and improved AdWords app, visit Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Google AdWords/PPC Campaigns from Studio Culture

While these search updates make life easier for AdWords users, not everyone has the time or experience to run their own campaigns.

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