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If you’re in the competitive real estate market, you already know how to increase sales—you get to the sellers first to get the listings. When probing the property market, the first thing that qualified buyers and sellers do is a web search. Because of this, your real estate website must be both easy to find and engaging. Just like a display home with the best design, layout and finish, Studio Culture can build you an online home that attracts all the right attention.

Did you know that Google ranks the keywords ‘property search’ five times better than ‘real estate search’? With a few slight adjustments to your website, you could multiply your traffic by five and substantially boost lead generation. This is the kind of researched knowledge that the team at Studio Culture uses to make websites stand on the shoulders of their competitors.

Do any of these sound like you?

‘Lead generation from my real estate website hasn’t increased in the last 12 months!’

Studio Culture’s SEO services can change all that. Our team knows the latest, most proven techniques to increase your search ranking with Google, Yahoo and Bing. We help monitor your website’s performance to analyse how we can improve results.


‘My website ranks lower than competitors in a Google search for property in my area!’

Appearing beneath competitors in a search is a huge hinderance to new listings, leads and sales. A coordinated strategy of SEO and social media will help nurture your online presence and boost your ranking through organic discoveries, shares and vertical searches.


‘Most of my buyer and seller enquiries come through the big real estate domains!’

A reliance on big domains may actually lower your maximum enquiry potential. Because the big domain model puts your advertisements beside those of your competitors, your impact on buyers and sellers is diluted. Direct enquiries via a high ranking website and strong distribution will lead to a much healthier stream of interest in you.


The right social media for your business

Don’t let just anyone handle your social media platforms. The connections you foster through the online persona of your business can truly make or break you. Social media marketing is time-consuming and constantly evolving; only by assigning a team of specialised, digitally savvy ‘speakers and listeners’ will you gain valuable likes, shares, comments and—ultimately—sales.

The talented experts at our agency in Brisbane take what can be a burden for our clients, and help set up, manage and strengthen their social presence in:

Studio Culture’s SEO and social media commitment

We never guarantee the impossible. If any SEO business is promising a number one ranking on Google, remember the saying: if it sounds too good to be true—it probably is. That doesn’t mean we can’t hugely improve your position!

Whether your existing website needs a few tweaks to achieve a higher ranking in Google, or a complete SEO redesign with a social media marketing strategy, Studio Culture can provide the digital marketing services to increase your lead generation and get your team selling more real estate.

Are you looking for high quality SEO for real estate? Contact us today for a quote and to get started.

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