Major platforms are continuing to develop their social advertising capacity early in 2018, with a particular focus on delivering a simple user experience.

These updates pertain to improvements and changes to online advertising. LinkedIn, Instagram and Google AdWords have integrated new ideas, while Facebook has stripped third-party access in an effort to rebuild user confidence.



Facebook Shuts Down Third-Party Ad Targeting in Wake of Cambridge Analytica Scandal

User trust in Facebook has taken a significant hit in recent days as the Cambridge Analytica scandal rolls on. With data privacy very much in the headlines, Facebook has moved to shut down Partner Categories, a program that enabled third-party data providers to offer their services to advertisers on the platform.

Aggregating systems such as Acxiom and Experian will no longer be permitted to provide their clients with data to improve ad targeting. Use of Partner Categories is responsible for the almost too perfect ad targeting that users may have experienced in recent times.

Facebook have not stated if this move is a direct response to the data scandal, but it is clear they are attempting to alleviate privacy concerns going forward.

Sponsored Video Content Now Available on LinkedIn

LinkedIn have been slower than other platforms to integrate the potential of social advertising. Video is now available for sponsored content and businesses are able to include video content on their company page.

Sponsored video content can be posted in the LinkedIn News Feed as a stand-alone, while video ads on business pages have been integrated to capture leads – all video ads will feature a persistent call to action for this purpose.

Sponsored content can be targeted based on specific traits such as industry and job title. A number of insights and analytics will be available to improve the quality and conversion rates associated with advertising content.

Video on Facebook and other platforms traditionally drives strong engagement, and LinkedIn expect the changes to generate a lot of online conversation going forward. The changes will be rolled out in the next few weeks.

AdWords Rebuilds Keyword Planner for Better User Experience

Google AdWords have looked to streamline their social advertising service by simplifying Keyword Planner while offering improved features.

Users are now able to input keywords in bulk while seeing an overview of forecasts. The changes have been implemented along a new aesthetic design, which is showcased below.

Data is now aggregated in a condensed and easy to read format. A maximum CPC is provided with the new design, in addition to a projection of how newly inputted keywords will impact overall performance.

Location and device breakdowns are now easier to access than ever. Anyone who has access to the new AdWords experience is now able to take advantage of this update.

Full Screen Ads to Appear in Instagram Stories

The business potential of Instagram Stories has been updated, with automatic conversion of ads into full-screen Stories format now available.

Content uploaded in Ads Manager is now seamlessly adjusted for Stories by way of pixel matching technology. Images and video are not zoomed in or cut off at the edges, making it quicker and easier to upload content. Advertisers who use landscape or square images that include a caption will see that text included in Stories format below the content.

Above is an example of a square IG feed image converted seamlessly into Stories format. All users can take advantage of the changes as of now – Instagram is a platform that champions aesthetics, meaning the new format is likely to be well received.

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