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Enter DJ Khaled – A DJ and producer integral to the Rap and Hip Hop industry and community. DJ Khaled has worked with every “major” artist from Drake and Lil Wayne to Chris Brown and Kanye West. Three months ago, Khaled would not have been the talk of marketers, tech executives, families and people everywhere… However, in the last few months, DJ Khaled has been the king of Snapchat with his “Keys to Success“, “Bless up” and “Lion Order” Snaps, which receive millions of impressions daily. With these numbers, it’s no wonder that brands such as Apple have recently signed six figure deals to utilise the rapper’s larger-than-life persona for some ‘return on influence’. Not only are brands utilising his storytelling ability to push products, but Khaled himself is helping to push his “We The Best” brand to his enormous following.

Because of Khaled’s success, I wanted to share some of my insights as to why this DJ is the true king of storytelling on Snapchat, and how brands or individuals can do the same.

Dj Khaled

Khaled’s content offers value in several ways, and this has been integral to his second to none social-media presence. Khaled appears genuine in all of his videos, and his motivational speeches are actually inspiring and come from an authentic place.

What expertise or help can you offer your fans on social media?


If you take a look at any old YouTube or behind-the-scenes footage of Khaled, it is obvious that this rap production mogul is not playing. He genuinely talks, walks and acts just like he does in his Snapchat videos. Khaled works hard, works out, and most of all stays real by providing honest insights into his life.

You can’t front on Snapchat like you can on Instagram, and this makes Snapchat the ultimate ‘behind-the-scenes’ tool. People often decide to buy because they feel connected to a story or brand – The best way to be authentic is to tell your story.


Whether Khaled is Snapchatting getting lost at sea or joking around with his chef in the morning, he turns up the laugh factor on a daily basis.

Not all of us are funny, but if you are (or even if the office pet is), put it in your Snapchat story.


Khaled has taken the art of motivational speeches to the next level. Whether he’s tired on the road, burning out in the gym or trying to close a deal, Khaled has a motivational tale for you.

Are you a thought leader or person of influence in your industry? If so, share personal facts and insights, or your “When I started” story. People love advice and they love to feel inspired – Make it happen for them.

If you would like to know more about developing a successful social media presence, or if your existing social-media isn’t booming, I’d love for you to share you social-media questions for me to answer below.