It is surprising that social media profiles don’t get as much attention as they should considering the amount of time people spend on their social network sites.  If you want to increase your brand’s visibility, both personal and business, then having strong profiles is crucial.

Here are 5 ways to help strengthen your social media profiles:

  • Maintain your identity

With so many social media platforms, it is vital to create and maintain a consistent identity or brand. If a potential client searches for you online through Facebook or LinkedIn the profiles need to match.  They need to say the same thing across multiple platforms, have the same logo, name and colours. This develops credibility and trust.

  • Strong photo

Your photo is part of your identity.  Make sure that the image you choose is consistent throughout all your profiles and enhances your credibility not weakens it. Having a professional photographer take the headshot is essential as first impressions count. And matching the photo to the profile you are on is possible.  For example, on Instagram, a quirky photo might thrive, whereas on LinkedIn it might not suit.  Remember professionalism is crucial at all times but this doesn’t have to be boring.

  • Content is important

What you write about yourself on LinkedIn or post on Facebook or tweet is important as it is a summary of you and your business.  It is critical that you inform people about the services you offer and your key skills.  However, it is also valuable to let your audience know what you are working on and what the business is up to.  Just remember that everything you say and do on social media is a reflection of you and it stays online forever.

  • Keywords

Social media profiles are highly searchable and have greater chance of being at the top end of search engine results because they are considered ‘safe websites’.  It is valuable to think about what keywords best describe what you do. Ask yourself what keywords you would use to search for your business.  And ask other people you know what keywords they would use.  Then incorporate a mixture of both so that you can optimise connecting with your target audience.

  • Post consistently

There is no point setting up your social media profiles and doing nothing with them.  It is important to keep them active.  Get into the habit of posting regularly.  If posting every day is out of the question, then at least post once or twice a week.  Whatever it is, make a commitment and stick to it.  Regardless of how fantastic your profile is, if you don’t post, no one will know you exist!

About the Author:

Anna Cairo is the author of The Business of Being Social, an essential social media reference every business, CEO or manager must have to manage social media risks inside and outside the workplace. She is also a speaker and consultant helping and educating businesses to understand, manage and engage with social media.