In this week’s episode of #dominatedigital TV, Joe Fox discusses the importance of social media marketing for franchisors, franchisees and brands in general. Joe considers some of the key benefits of social media marketing – namely the ability to target the right customers and compel them to visit your store – and provides tips for taking control of your brand.

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Video Transcript [edited]

“Hi, I’m Joe Fox from Studio Culture. We’re a creative and strategic digital marketing agency. Today I’m going to give you a few quick tips about why it’s important for franchisors and franchisees to utilise social media marketing to benefit their marketing and their revenue.

One of the key benefits of franchisees utilising social media marketing is that it allows them to target the right customers. Social media marketing, and in particular, social media advertising, allows franchisees and users of the advertising platform to really hone in and target specific postcodes so that they can offer certain products and offers that will be relevant to their customers.

For example, if you were a tyre shop and you really wanted to attract local customers, it would be important that you target those customers using a postcode and a compelling and dynamic reason for them to visit your store. You can then target car enthusiasts who may be after a certain slightly higher placed item, or you can target local families, or by the demographics that Facebook allows you to target.

It’s also important for franchisors to consider controlling their brand when using social media marketing. By controlling the brand and allowing your franchisees to distribute content that you create, you’re in control of the brand no matter who’s using it.

Now, one good way of doing this is to create content and cross-promote it across platforms. You can actually create the content, put it in a Dropbox folder, share it to your franchisees, and they can utilise that. It’s also a very highly perceived value. Obviously, franchisees are paying franchisors a certain fee to be a part of that franchise. You’re adding value to your franchisees by providing them with content that’s useful and relevant to their customers and potential clients through social media.

Facebook has also just released a new function that franchisors can use to benefit their franchisees. Now, if you set up the franchisor page correctly, you can then link through to franchisees’ pages and you can cross-post. This new feature is only relevant at the moment in terms of video, but it’s an extremely useful tool. Say a head franchiser of a burger chain wants to push videos out to the individual franchisees. They can simply do that by the press of a button. Once again, this protects the brand and it benefits the franchisors, and the franchisees, and the brand in general.

If you’re a franchisee who has multiple locations within their portfolio, there’s also a new tool that Facebook allows for you to be able to push to multiple locations from a key page at once. This is extremely useful in terms of creating content and saving time on creating and posting content.

I hope these tips have been useful for franchisors and franchisees. If anyone needs help with their digital marketing, please feel free to reach out to anyone at the team at Studio Culture. We hope these videos add value to your day. Please contact us and follow the links below.”

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