google seo keyword search - kim vs kylie

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Coke or Pepsi? Life – or death? Every day, there’s a debate going on in this world about who or what is ‘better’ than the other. To help us put an end to these bitter feuds, we’ve decided to run a popularity contest to see who (or what) is searched more than the other on Google. You may be surprised with our results.

We used Google’s Keyword Planner tool to see, on average, how many times each of the contenders below get searched for each month to decide once and for all, which rival deserves the first place prize for popularity.

With the exception of Liverpool vs Manchester United (we used searches from England), as well as Carlton vs Collingwood and Ford vs Holden (we used searches from Australia), the search numbers below are based on the sum of monthly searches from Australia and the US.

We broke the results up into 5 sections:

  1. Business Rivalries
  2. Arts, Entertainment and Pop Culture Rivalries
  3. Political Rivalries
  4. Sporting Rivalries
  5. Random Rivalries


Business rivalries

Coke vs Pepsi

Although Coke may dominate the market in terms of numbers, it’s surprising to see Pepsi dominating the Internet in terms of searches.

seo google search - pepsi vs coke

Winner: Pepsi

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McDonalds vs Burger King

Some cities in Australia call Burger King, “Hungry Jacks”, which gets searched about 110,000 times per month on Google. This still makes McDonald’s the winner (and we didn’t even include searches for ‘Maccas’)

seo google search - mcdonalds vs burger king

Winner: McDonald’s

Playstation vs XBox

As a Playstation fan, I’m deeply saddened by this.

seo google search - xbox vs playstation

Winner: Xbox

Apple vs Microsoft

seo google search - apple - vs microsoft

Winner: Apple

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

The co-founder of Apple is still more popular than Bill Gates, who is contributing his multi-billion dollar fortune to charity.

seo google search - steve jobs and-bill gates

Winner: Steve Jobs

Nike vs Adidas

Some time ago, it would have been a contest between Nike and Reebok. Now, Reebok gets searched about 246,000 times per month on Google.

seo google search - nike and adidas

Winner: Nike

Ford vs Holden

In Australia, they say you’re either a Ford person or a Holden person. It seems as through there are more Holden people here.

seo google search - ford vs holden

Winner: Holden

Fender vs Gibson

seo google search - fender vs gibson

Winner: Fender

Canon vs Nikon

seo google search - canon vs nikon

Winner: Canon

BMW vs Audi

We also researched Mercedes-Benz, which only gets searched about 550,000 times per month on Google.

seo google search - bmw vs audi

Winner: BMW

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eBay vs Amazon

seo google search - ebay vs amazon

Winner: Amazon

Arts, Entertainment and Pop Culture Rivalries


Edward Cullen vs Jacob Black

Go team Edward!

seo google search - edward cullen and jacob black

Winner: Edward

Peeta Mellark vs Gale Hawthorne

This one’s for the Hunger Games fans.

seo google search - peeta mellark gale hawthorne

Winner: Peeta

Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker

Luke may be MIA, but the world still seems more inclined to search for his father. The dark side wins this time.

(For those who are curious, Yoda and Jar Jar Binks get searched about 165,000 and 110,000 times per month on Google respectively.)

seo google search - darth vader luke skywalker

Winner: Darth Vader

Batman vs Superman

There’s something about Batman that makes him a much more popular choice than the man of steel. Maybe it’s Christian Bale’s grumble, or maybe it’s the way that he dresses like a bat, or maybe, just maybe, it’s because he’s Batman.

seo google search - batman vs superman

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Winner: Batman

Sylvester Stallone vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

seo google search - sylvester stallone vs arnold schwarzenneger

Winner: Arnie

Mario vs Luigi

seo google search - mario and luigi

Winner: Mario


This isn’t really a rivalry, but some of our staff were curious…

seo google search - angelina jolie and brad pitt

Winner: Angelina Jolie

Beethoven vs Mozart

seo google search - beethoven and mozart

Winner: Beethoven

Marvel Comics vs DC Comics

This one was a surprising one. It seems as though the gang from DC are in more demand than the friendly crew from Marvel Comics.

seo google search - marvel comics vs dc comics

Winner: DC Comics

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Picasso vs Matisse

seo google search - picasso and matisse

Winner: Picasso

Kim Kardashian vs Kylie Jenner

We didn’t include searches for ‘Kim Kardashian West’, which gets searched about 18,400 times on Google per month.

seo google search - kim kardashian vs kylie jenner

Winner: Kim Kardashian

Kanye West vs Drake

 seo google search - drake vs kanye

Political Rivalries

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

Side note: we also researched Bernie Sanders, who gets Googled around 1,800,000 per month, beating Hillary Clinton.

seo google search - donald trump and hillary clinton

Winner: Donald Trump

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Tony Abbott vs Malcolm Turnbull

seo google search - tony abbott and malcolm turnbull

Winner: Tony Abbott

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Kevin Rudd vs Julia Gillard

seo google search - kevin rudd julia gillard

Winner: Julia Gillard


Sporting Rivalries

Pacquiao vs Mayweather

The fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao was one of the biggest sporting events of 2015. As a Pacquiao fan, I was a little disappointed by the fight (and the Google searches below).

seo google search - mayweather vs pacquiao

Winner: Mayweather

Stephen Curry vs LeBron James

seo google search - stephen curry vs lebron james

Winner: LeBron James

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Carlton vs Collingwood

This one is going to hurt some people.

seo google search - carlton vs collingwood

Winner: Collingwood

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Liverpool vs Manchester United

 seo google search - liverpool vs manchester united

Winner: Manchester United

Random Rivalries

Vegetabls vs Bacon

We kind of predicted this would happen.

seo google search - vegetables vs bacon

Winner: Bacon

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Christmas vs Easter

SPOILER: Santa wins by knockout.

seo google search - Christmas and Easter

Winner: Christmas

Sun vs Moon

seo google search - sun and moon

Winner: Moon

Love vs Hate

All those songs have it right: love is all you need.

seo google search - love and hate

Winner: Love

Snacks vs Exercise

A great sign for personal trainers, a bad sign for snack food companies.

seo google search - snacks and exercise

Winner: Exercise

Poker vs Blackjack

seo google search - poker and blackjack

Winner: Poker

Shampoo vs Conditioner

Ah the timeless question made popular by Billy Madison: which is better, Shampoo or Conditioner? Well, we have your answer now, Billy.

seo google search - billy madison shampoo conditioner

Winner: Shampoo

Life vs Death

It’s interesting to know that our search for life outweighs our search for the inevitable.

seo google search - life and death

Winner: Life

Cats vs Dogs

Sure, they’re both cute, but surely you saw this one coming.

seo google search - cats and dogs

Winner: Dogs

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How about you? What sort of rivalries would you like to settle with a Google popularity contest?