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The world’s first website

In addition to the world of SEO, social media and all other forms of digital marketing, the principles of ‘sound’ web design are always evolving. Today’s website design trends, for example, are very different from the design trends of 2000, or of 1995, or of 1990, and so it goes.

Once upon a time when people still used 56kb dial up modems (does anyone remember them?), websites with animated GIFs and stat counters were the craze, then flash animated websites were in demand, and now, larger fonts, clear call-to-actions and well strategised contact forms are the way to go.

The design team here at Studio Culture always enjoy looking back in time as we do envisioning the future, so it was interesting for us to dig into the past and find the design evolutions of some of the most influential brands and websites in the world (we also have a surprise for you at the end of this blog post, so make sure to scroll through).

Facebook’s web design evolution

Images from itportal

Introducing ‘The Facebook’ design – 2004:

web design - facebook 2004

Facebook’s design – 2006

web design Facebook - 2006


Facebook’s design – 2012

web design - facebook 2012
Facebook’s design: 2015

web design - facebook 2015

Google’s web design evolution:

Images from Gizmodo

Google’s design: 1996

The initial concept of Google was dubbed ‘BackRub’. As you can see from the logo, it may have been quite understandable for the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to rebrand their search engine concept.

web design - google 1996
Google’s design: 1997

web design - google 1997

Google’s design: 1999

web design - google - 1999

Google’s design: 2013

web design - google 2013

Google’s design: 2015

web design - google - 2015

Apple’s web design evolution:

Apple’s design: 1997

we design - Apple - 1997

Apple’s design: 1998

we design - Apple - 1998

Apple’s design: 2002

Web design - Apple - 2002

Apple’s design: 2014

web design - Apple - 2014

Apple’s design: 2015

web design - Apple - 2015

Bonus 1: Studio Culture’s web design in 2011

web design Brisbane - Studio Culture 2011

Bonus 2: are all website designs evolving?

Apparently not. Check out the design of Quirky Cottages to see what we mean. Where do YOU think web design trends are heading to next? Let us know in the comments below.