Monthly Archives: August 2013

Setting Up An Ergonomic Workstation

These days we seem to sit way too much, most of us believe we only sit for about 4-5 hours a day, but in reality it’s more between 8-10 hours a day sitting down. Having an ergonomic workspace / workstation will at least give you better posture and put less stress on your body and […]

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Entrepreneurs Love Mondays!

If you’re an Entrepreneur you know what I mean! We love the start of the week, although most of us never actually take a weekend off, we love the feeling of Mondays as it is a fresh starting point for working on projects that we love doing! While most 9-5 people are complaining about how […]

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Footer Credit Links and Link Building

During the Google update last year it was common to see huge drops in SEO results purely because of footer links linking back to your site. Common use is when a web designer builds a site for a client, they will add their “Website built by” tag in the footer and link back to their […]

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