Monthly Archives: November 2014

Was it Worth it? A G20 Recap

So we know what happened as the G20 kicked off, but what about after the fact? A quick recap: this year’s G20 summit was hosted right here in Brisbane, 20 countries, 6 guest countries, 6,000 police, 600 volunteers, 1,500 security specialists, a long weekend, and 400 million Aussie dollars later. (via 9News) Post-G20, the Brisbane […]

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Fil’s WordPress WooCommerce Brisbane Meetup

Last month, our own design and development director Fil Cristaldi presented at a WordPress Brisbane event to share his “Top 10 WooCommerce Plugins to Make Your Site A Dream For Clients and Customers.” Fil is an expert in website design and has designed a lot of fantastic e-Commerce websites with the help of Woocommerce. If […]

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5 Web Design Tips We Can Learn From Big Websites

Four big websites that we all use on a daily basis – Google, Facebook, Alibaba, and ebay – have one important thing in common. Fantastic website design. Myself and the expert web design team in Brisbane have picked apart each site and come up with five key things to learn from the big four.   […]

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