Facebook Shopping Mall Aids Small Business eCommerce

Facebook recently introduced Facebook “shops” in a plan to aid small businesses with their eCommerce initiatives. The Facebook shopping mall acts as a shortcut for retailers to sell products online without the need to create their own eCommerce website.  Throughout the pandemic, retailers have stepped away from brick-and-mortar stores in favour of the digital shopping […]

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integrated digital marketing

The Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant is Now Open & Can Be Used for Integrated Digital Marketing!

For businesses negatively impacted by or subject to closure due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Small Business COVID-19 Adaptation Grant Program is now accepting second round applications! This can be used on integrated digital marketing to regrow lost business.  This program is in place to help small businesses prepare for the safe resumption of trading […]

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Emoji Marketing: A Foolproof Guide

Emoji marketing is a simple way to craft a memorable message. They help to create a friendly and personable brand identity and position your audience to see you as, well, human.  People process visual images 60,000 times faster than plain text, so emojis can help you get your messages across quickly (without overwhelming your audience […]

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The Top Google Searches Right Now: What’s Trending In Isolation?

Food, booze, DIY, and Kim Jon Un’s living or deceased status are just some of the terms being ‘Googled’ right now. As everyone flocks home to shelter from the Coronavirus, people are riddled with endless free time and limited ways to amuse themselves. It’s really no surprise that TV shows, virtual drinks and mobile apps […]

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On Route to eCommerce? These are the Best Online Marketplaces to Sell Your Products

With retail competition growing faster than ever, it can be a struggle to stay competitive in a primarily online marketplace. eCommerce stores are a fantastic way to be seen and boost revenue without facing the traditional limitations of geographical locations and business hours. However, setting up an eCommerce website can be time-consuming and present unwanted […]

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Pandemic Impact on Business: Leading Digital Transformation

With gatherings restricted and social distancing a global instruction, it’s clear that any event, conference or meeting is now postponed indefinitely. As the pandemic impact on business comes crashing down, brands are scrambling for a solution to recreate this essential in-person experience, online. A sharp rise in the usage of webinars, Zoom meetings, Slack channels, […]

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Studio culture update

How Studio Culture is Handling The COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has introduced widespread uncertainty and confusion regarding the future of our society. At Studio Culture, our client’s success is our priority and we have every intention to continue business as usual. We understand that this time is confusing for our clients so we’re being as transparent as possible about what is happening […]

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marketing during coronavirus

Restrategise Your Marketing Amidst the Coronavirus Crisis

COVID-19 is undeniably spreading across the globe, causing widespread anxiety and disruption. With immediate health concerns being a priority, it’s also impossible to ignore the complications that arise for small businesses who are continuing their online interactivity.  Every day, we experience a public change of perspective and disruption caused by this outbreak. So, keeping this […]

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Studio Culture Rebrand

Behind the Scenes You may have noticed that we’ve been a little bit quiet on social media and our blog lately, and it’s for good reason! Behind the scenes, our team has been hard at work developing a fresh Studio Culture brand, which we were able to launch earlier this month. Culture as a Value […]

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Instagram Is Now Hiding Total Post Likes

From today, Australian Instagram users can no longer see the number of total ‘likes’ an Instagram post has received. Although you will still be able to see the number of likes your own posts get, this information won’t be available to others. You can see the way posts will appear in the image below: A […]

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Local services ads

What Are Local Services Ads & What Do They Mean for Your Business?

Google is currently rolling out Local Services Ads (LSAs). Currently, these ads are only available in Canada and the United States – although they will be coming to Australia this year. To keep up to date with Local Services in your area, check the business eligibility on the LSA signup page. What Are Local Services […]

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The Most Important Instagram Update in Years Is Rolling Out!

  Image credit: Instagram What’s the Update! Instagram is currently rolling out an in-app checkout feature that allows users to make a purchase without leaving the app. Currently, this feature is only available for 23 major brands, including Adidas, Burberry, Dior and MAC Cosmetics. This feature – which costs brands an undisclosed fee – will […]

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