You’ve all seen by now why and how so many businesses are using social media as part of their every day marketing plan. But what about blogging? It’s a huge part of digital marketing and here’s why.blog-readers


First and foremost, blogging, if done correctly, can be fantastic for SEO. We’ve already written an introduction post to SEO here at the Studio Culture blog, but to sum up quickly: Search Engine Optimisation (some people call it inbound marketing nowadays to remove the negative stigma a lot of SEO has gained from some unethical practices in the market) can be a fantastic way to grow your customer base online through a number of ways, one of which includes creating blog posts that are informative, engaging and applicable.

Blogging relevant content backed with well-researched keywords can make a huge difference to web traffic and therefore exposure for your business and the products or services you have to offer. Remember to not just cram your posts full of keywords – this will actually hinder you rather than help you. Genuine, interesting, helpful posts will perform better for both SEO and audience responsiveness.

Blogs are also very easy to be shared and linked. If you create an interesting post that your readers want to share with their friends and followers, expect your blog to be crossposted to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and more. It’s been found that 77% of internet users read blogs so that means there’s a huge potential audience out there for you to reach.

blog-trafficYou can also create infographics to go with your blog posts. Infographics are extremely shareable and create that added element of interest for the reader. As we stated in our last post, visuals are crucial for blogging as articles with images get 94% more traffic than those without. In the next few weeks we’ll compile a list of ways to make infographics for free online, but in the meantime check out Daily Infographic for some great ideas.

If you’re ever stuck for blogspiration have a look at what other blogs are being posted in your industry right now. Are there any important events coming up? A new product coming out soon? Any advice you can give? “Top tips” make for great post ideas. Remember, you can always write about your company too. Audiences love the “human element” to businesses. If you have a promotion coming up, let your readers know and get them excited about it. New staff member? Tell us about them. New store opening? Take a lot of great pictures and post them in a series of posts.

You also don’t always have to write to what’s trending at the moment, as you’ll be competing numerous other sources who are writing about what’s trending at the moment. Find stories and angles that are niche, original, yet still compelling.

Blogging presents you as an expert and a fountain of knowledge: you can inform and influence your audience with well-written and well-researched blog posts. If you need some help or more advice with blogging and related SEO benefits, let us know at Studio Culture – the digital marketing experts in Brisbane.