Studio Culture is Brisbane’s leading email marketing agency. Email marketing is an essential tool for every business as it allows you to distribute tailored messages to those most interested. It’s cost-effective and keeps you relevant in the mind of your consumers in such a populated online marketplace. It’s important that the email communications you are sending are strategic and based on analytics to avoid customers getting frustrated with messages that aren’t fitting for them.

You can optimise your email marketing with tools designed to segment audiences, deliver intelligence-driven campaigns and follow up with automated relationship fostering. This type of email marketing is effective at helping you to build customer loyalty, increase customer trust in your products or services, improve your brand recognition, and boost your sales.

Our email marketing agency is always looking out for new technologies and software to leverage that will assist us with delivering impactful results for our clients. These include:

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HubSpot allows you to keep track of potential customers using lead generation tools to turn them into brand ambassadors using personable relationship management techniques. This database of valuable customer information is conveniently supported in one program so you can provide powerful solutions to your customers. HubSpot Marketing gives your business the potential to gather new leads, increase sales and provide remarkably personalised customer service and relationship nurturing.

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Klaviyo provides eCommerce businesses with the ability to store customer information in the same system that delivers experiences to customers. These experiences are buildable and able to be implemented across email and owned channels. The success is measured in revenue as well as opens and clicks, which is vital information required to initiate relevant conversations with your audience. Klaviyo productively builds and fosters genuine customer relationships, as well as brand loyalty.

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ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing, marketing automation, and customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It allows you to improve customer communication with integrations such as complete audience segmentation, intelligence-driven automation and multi-channel marketing capabilities. ActiveCampaign helps you to craft meaningful messages, develop long-term relationships and start converting your leads into sales with ease.

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Zaius is an extraordinarily substantial tool that gathers extensive insights from a multitude of platforms such as Facebook, Google, Shopify, MailChimp. The platform analyses and organises your customer’s key shopping events, purchase information, website behaviour as well as social media interactions to allow you to create compelling unique behavioural campaigns. Zaius allows you to create meticulously accurate and well-informed insights that can transform your sales and accelerate your revenue.

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