Google Search Console has undergone a major overhaul. The free platform for website indexing has long been popular with webmasters, and this updated version boasts improved metrics and data options.

We take you through the changes to Google Search Console, and explain how marketers can use the new platform to optimise visibility and boost SEO performance.

Search Performance Reports

The new feature of Google Search Console that has perhaps caused the most fuss is the revamped Search Analytics section.

Now referred to as Search Performance, the new feature combines data on total clicks, total impressions, click-through rates and average position using a simple interface.

Google Search Console users have consistently requested longer data search histories to be included in the platform, and Google have responded in kind. Website owners were previously limited to three months of data, but can now view search statistics over a 16 month date range.

The data can be broken into three, six or 12 month increments, or users can select the ‘Full Duration’ option to get the whole 16 months. This is ideal for performing year-on-year comparisons and evaluating seasonal trends.

Improved Reporting for Index Coverage

Index Coverage reporting has been streamlined in the new Google Search Console. The new report uses issue tracking functionality to aggregate correctly and incorrectly indexed URLS.

Users will receive warnings when issues are uncovered, allowing you to monitor and rectify errors with ease. It was unclear in the past if issues had been resolved correctly, but the new platform allows you to validate the fixes you’ve made – Google will crawl and reprocess selected URLs to confirm that everything is back on track.

Accelerated Mobile Page Status and Improved Job Postings

Fixing problems associated with AMP URLs was an issue in the old Google Search Console. As with the improved Index Coverage functionality, AMP issues can now be quickly rectified as Google validates fixes by running several instantaneous tests. Rectified URLs are now listed in a validation log, allowing users to seamlessly keep track of problems.

Also included in the new changes is a Job Posting report – this means that webmasters with job listings can use structured data so that the postings are recognised by Google Jobs. As Google Jobs is a recent advent, it remains to be seen how successful this change will be.

How Marketers Can Use Google Search Console

Google is king when it comes to search engine optimisation, and platforms such as Google Search Console are part of the reason it continues to reign.

Google Search Console offers a number of metrics that explain how users come to visit your site – with improved data options available, webmasters have even greater potential to develop content that boosts visitor trends. The platform also allows you to remove old content from your search index, meaning that users won’t be stuck following broken links.

The program can also alert you to the presence of spam or malware on your website, as well as demonstrate the relevant search terms that are contributing to your site traffic. From an SEO perspective, it’s an invaluable tool.

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