For businesses negatively impacted by or subject to closure due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Small Business COVID-19 Adaptation Grant Program is now accepting second round applications! This can be used on integrated digital marketing to regrow lost business. 

This program is in place to help small businesses prepare for the safe resumption of trading after COVID-19. For many, this may mean transitioning to a new way of doing business. 

Each eligible small business has access to a minimum of $2,000 and a maximum of $10,000 to fund activities which support business sustainability and diversification. These activities include:

  • Rebuilding business through marketing and communication activities 
  • Digital strategy development
  • Digital training or up-skilling employees to adapt to new ways of working

Create Sustainability For the Future

In our previous blog, Pandemic Impact on Business: Leading Digital Transformation, we showed examples of how companies are transforming their business models to accommodate for a primarily online audience. 

For small businesses, transitioning to digital helps to safeguard your operations for the future. In the unfortunate event that a scenario like this reoccurs, your online business will be able to continue operating without feeling the backlash from government restrictions. This is especially true for those small businesses who take control of their marketing and build a strong brand identity and reputation!

So, whether you’re thinking about upgrading your website to pull in more leads or building an online store to accommodate more sales, Studio Culture can help. We can help bring your website up on Google search, grab those customers that leave before making a sale, and even rebuild your brand’s presence on social media. All of these digital marketing tools will help diversify your business model with the end result of boosted revenue. 

Studio Culture’s Integrated Digital Marketing Services

We’ve got a number of integrated digital marketing services that can benefit and grow your business, while being covered by the Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant. These include:

And if you’re looking to further ramp up your marketing, we offer further integration of smart tools such as:

  • Klaviyo. An email marketing and automation platform which allows you to create specific, targeted, and impactful email campaigns that see direct returns on investment. 
  • Zaius. Customer data platform and customer relationship management tool that consolidates, comprehends and segments your audience by predicting what they’re likely to do next.

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