Portrait of the Copywriter as a Studio Culture Intern

That’s me. Next to me is Dave, pondering SEO and the universe.

“Copywriting? Is that like, something to do with copyright law?” – most people I’ve met.

I’m Rachael, Studio Culture’s latest copywriting and content writing intern.

I’ve been interning here and learning the tricks of the digital marketing trade since September. Sadly, it’s now time to hang up my copywriting hat and move on. Thanks to Studio Culture, my horizons have been broadened in ways I never imagined. Here are some of the reasons why I have loved my time interning with this brilliant digital marketing agency.

If You Think You Can Do It, You Probably Can.

Before I started with Studio Culture, my professional life had nothing but a looming question mark around it. I had just graduated with an Arts degree majoring in English Literature. Most Arts graduates will recognise the shock and fear of abandonment after finishing uni: the world demands employable skills, and we weren’t taught what those really looked like. I was fairly panicky, who knew that possessing an intimate knowledge of Irish modernist fiction and feminist literary criticism would be a difficult skill to translate to a CV?

content copywriting desk
I have a desk with two screens…just look at the professionalism!

Luckily Studio Culture’s content strategist David saw some value in my writing ability and gave me a chance. In my short time here, David has mentored me, directed me and has believed in me and my writing skills. There was nothing but constant support and encouragement, even on days when writer’s block plagued my mind and the words weren’t coming.

Thanks to Dave, I’ve gone from being an OK writer to good writer, now equipped with SEO and content strategy knowledge.

Learn, Learn, Learn.

I’ve been lucky enough to write copy for a wide range of websites thanks to Studio Culture. Like my copywriting predecessor RJ said, I’ve learned that flexibility is key when it comes to producing copy for multiple websites. Copywriting is about giving a unique and persuasive voice to a variety of businesses: I wrote copy for a transport insurance company, a t-shirt printing shop, a property valuers company, a customs and forwarding insurance brokerage company, a butcher shop and a charity to help prevent domestic violence among others. I managed to develop the skill to switch between whenever I needed to, and to retain the same unique voice for each one.

Another amazing thing about interning with Studio Culture is the SEO factor: not only will you hone your writing skills, you’ll be given direction and resources on how to implement SEO tactics which include clever keyword integration, optimised metadata and links to related content among many other things. I’ve learned SEO is a complex field made up of many parts, and eventually I hope to master them all.

digital marketing
We take Star Wars very seriously here.

A note to the next intern: remember to keep asking questions. An internship is about gaining experience in a field of your interest, and it shouldn’t be a one-way street. I hardly knew what SEO was until I came to Studio Culture, and now I see it’s vital importance to writing good online copy.

Your Workmates Will Make You Smile.

digital marketing team
Louis and Fil getting up to office shenanigans

Finding a professional environment where you will actually like everyone in the office is a lottery, and I believe I’ve hit the jackpot.

The team at Studio Culture are laid back yet dedicated, friendly yet professional. They will make you laugh while also encouraging you to grow. I can honestly say I have loved working alongside these guys (and no, they didn’t pay me to say this).

Studio Culture embodies the kind of “culture” a modern office should have: fun, relaxed, interesting and under a careful and kind guidance I have never experienced before.

Bring Chocolate, Eat Chocolate.

Studio Culture like to take care of their interns, and that’s why there’s always an unlimited supply of either chocolate or lollies to keep creative energy flowing.

The holy grail of internships - endless Haribo
The holy grail of internships – endless Haribo

A Few More Tips For Having The Best Internship Ever:

  • Ergonomics Rulez: using a good chair, keyboard and monitor will make a huge difference to your comfort level.
  • Learn Online: Moz, CopyBlogger, Wishpond and Buzzsumo will be your best friends. Use them well, wisely and often – they are really useful websites for digital marketing and SEO tips.
  • Have Fun: Studio Culture facilitates learning by experience, and luckily, that experience is also fun.

Interested in learning how to write optimised copy? Contact Studio Culture about internship opportunities!