Ahhhh Pokémon, you were once my favourite hobby, the zu to my bat, the pika to my chu – and now you are back with a vengeance with Pokémon Go. You’ve successfully taken over in under a week, being installed more than Tinder and having almost as many daily active users as Twitter. Rather impressive considering you’ve only been officially launched in America, Australia and New Zealand. You’ve kept me thinking with this global phenomenon that you’ve created; how can I use this from a business perspective? With so many users actively engaged (App usage averaging 43 minutes and 23 seconds a day, this is higher than Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger!), I got to thinking.

If you aren’t aware of what I’m talking about by now, please either Google ‘Pokémon Go’ or walk out onto the street and ask the person with the phone in their hands trying to ‘catch ‘em all’ what it’s all about. This is a revolution, and businesses should be taking advantage of it while the trend is still very real! So please read on as I unveil some simple marketing strategies that can help you be the very best, best there ever was (business, not pokemon trainer).

Listed are my top 5 Pokémon Go hacks for your business:

1. Attract customers using lures


Pokémon Go enables players to use an item called a lure module. A lure module attracts Pokémon (and Pokémon Go players) to the Pokéstop that it is attached to. Lure modules last up to 30 minutes and cost a player $1.49 for 1, which is pretty great ROI if you only attract even 1 customer. If your business is lucky enough to have a Pokéstop, then jump on this marketing opportunity and watch the customers roll in. When creating a Pokémon Go account for your business, use your business name, players can see who dropped the Lure module and might be more inclined to thank you with a purchase.

Tip: Utilise hack 5 (team discounts) in conjunction for a greater player incentive.

2. Know your Pokemon Go location


View the full image https://www.finder.com.au/pokemon-go-brisbane-locations

Businesses are able to advertise which pokemon can be caught within your establishment. Finding out crucial information like the above table means you are able to inform players of what they might catch if they visit your business. You never know, your business could be sitting on a goldmine – there could be a Charizard waiting to be caught.

Tip: Do not advertise that you have Zubats at your location, these Pokémon are the pigeons of the Pokémon Go world.

3. Create social media content which aligns with Pokemon Go


Does your business have a social media account? Be creative and take the opportunity from this hype to drop a meme or cheeky product placement to your social followers. We love when users engage with content and what better way to get your customers to engage than to say ‘we are Pokémon Go masters also’.

Tip: No spelling or factual mistakes – Pokémon Go users will catch you out.

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4. Utilise SEO keywords like ‘Pokemon Go Brisbane’



Do you have a website or blog site? If you have a website or a blog site, we have a hot tip for you. This is an SEO opportunity! Take advantage: use keywords, create blog articles and drop these keywords into your content, titles and meta descriptions of your website. Start being ranked now for this phenomenon.

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5. Pokemon Go team themes and discounts


We all know customers love discounts and these Pokémon Go customers that we are targeting love Pokémon. Now, assuming you are already luring Pokémon Go users to your business through the pure excitement of Pokémon, why not add extra incentives? The users are here and it’s simple: everyone gets hungry or thirsty, so advertise your products at discounts for Pokémon Go trainers.

Tip: Don’t go overboard covering your store in Pikachu’s, you don’t want to scare away non-Pokémon Go players.

Bonus Tip

If you’re a business and don’t currently have the luxury of a Pokéstop outside your establishment, do not fear, there are others just like you out there, and they are going through this process. Email the owners of the Pokémon Go app in request of your very own Pokéstop. This feature may not be available right at this moment; however, if the creators of Pokémon Go have any sense of app progression, they couldn’t possibly ignore the marketing opportunities.
You can email the Ingress team at – https://support.ingress.com/hc/en-us

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