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How to Market Your Business Online: A Guide

how to market your business online

Deciding how to market your business online is a critical step for all businesses looking to transition to the digital world. Simply moving your products or services online won’t do. You need a way to tell people you’ve moved online, and the tricky part is figuring out how.  Let Us Guide You As every business […]

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Emoji Marketing: A Foolproof Guide

Emoji marketing is a simple way to craft a memorable message. They help to create a friendly and personable brand identity and position your audience to see you as, well, human.  People process visual images 60,000 times faster than plain text, so emojis can help you get your messages across quickly (without overwhelming your audience […]

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Data-Driven Blog Posts – 5 Crucial Steps for Better Engagement

data driven blog posts

Blogging is an imprecise science. You might find that your reader engagement and social shares vary greatly from post-to-post, and these figures don’t always reflect the quality of the work you’re producing. For bloggers looking for a new content strategy that can increase click-through rates and drive sales, it might be time to consider data-driven […]

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Influencer marketing – idiotic trend or effective AF?

One of the most resurgent trends in contemporary marketing is what we call influencer marketing. It’s been around forever – think of every celebrity endorsement you’ve ever seen. It’s one of those things that’s ebbed and flowed in popularity, constantly going in and out of fashion. Today we’re exploring how to utilise influencers in your […]

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Merry Christmas, everybody

Digital marketing Christmas - seo social media web design

The team at Studio Culture would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016. We had an amazing year this year and look forward to an even more exciting year ahead. This year represented a significant growth stage in our company: we moved to a bigger office, our directors were […]

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Notes for the next intern


Portrait of the Copywriter as a Studio Culture Intern “Copywriting? Is that like, something to do with copyright law?” – most people I’ve met. I’m Rachael, Studio Culture’s latest copywriting and content writing intern. I’ve been interning here and learning the tricks of the digital marketing trade since September. Sadly, it’s now time to hang […]

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