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What’s New in Digital? Google Image Search Changes and Snapchat Snaps Back

Copyright complaints have taken their toll on the trusty Google image search, with the search giant removing features in an effort to placate web publishers. Elsewhere Snapchat and Instagram have tweaked their offerings to regain lost users, while AMP integration stats show that users are demanding faster mobile pages.   Google Image Search Altered to […]

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BATTLE OF THE PLATFORMS: Snapchat Versus Instagram Stories!!

instagram versus snapchat

Nearly a year ago Instagram launched its version of Snapchat ‘stories’ and ever since it has been a battle of the platforms – Snapchat versus Instagram, who will win? To bring you up to date: Instagram, despite being late to the game, instantly had an advantage over Snapchat as it drew on individual accounts existing […]

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High-Value Social media is the ‘Key to Success!’ ????

Key to Success

Enter DJ Khaled – A DJ and producer integral to the Rap and Hip Hop industry and community. DJ Khaled has worked with every “major” artist from Drake and Lil Wayne to Chris Brown and Kanye West. Three months ago, Khaled would not have been the talk of marketers, tech executives, families and people everywhere… […]

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Pros And Cons Of Using Social Media For Business

Today’s vast array of social media channels in the marketplace have a number of pros and cons, ranging from the advantages of being fast, cheap and encouraging customer engagement to the cons of enabling the spread of false information and the need for daily monitoring placing high demands on your time. But how do these […]

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Biggest Social Media Headlines of 2014

2014 has been a big year for the online world. Social media has more new visitors than ever, business is constantly changing to keep up with the digital landscape, and Barbie has joined LinkedIn. Here are some of the most noteworthy social media and digital technology related events from this year, brought to you by […]

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