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Why Europe’s New Data Privacy Laws Will Change Digital Marketing Forever

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal brought the issue of data privacy to the world’s attention, and many people didn’t like what they saw. In that case, personal information was easily obtained by third-party app developers, sparking concerns about the conduct of giant digital companies such as Facebook. Data privacy is of paramount importance in the […]

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The Latest AdWords Updates – Google Launches New Interface and Improves Analysis

Google’s popular pay-per-click advertising service is going through changes. The search giant is constantly searching for ways to streamline their service, and the recent launch of a new interface allows users to focus on the most important metrics without unnecessary distraction. We have detailed the latest AdWords updates and improvements, as well as outlined the […]

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Form and Function: 5 Website Tips for Businesses in 2018

For so long, we’ve been told that less is more with regard to web design. Recent trends in the online sphere fly in the face of this notion, with the pragmatism of recent years seemingly replaced by bursts of colour and dynamic features. These 5 website tips are an ideal starting point for those looking […]

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Google Search Console Update: How Marketers Can Take Advantage

Google Search Console has undergone a major overhaul. The free platform for website indexing has long been popular with webmasters, and this updated version boasts improved metrics and data options. We take you through the changes to Google Search Console, and explain how marketers can use the new platform to optimise visibility and boost SEO […]

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Google Penguin Update – What You Need to Know

Angry Penguin

In the world of SEO, the rules are always changing According to Google, for a typical search query, there are thousands or even millions of web pages with helpful information. Google’s algorithms rely on more than 200 ‘clues’ that make it possible for the search engine to display the results you are looking for when […]

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5 digital marketing updates you need to know

Social media illustrations

Businesses are currently dealing in an extremely competitive arena. The Internet has made life easier in bountiful ways, but it also drives competition and necessitates high-quality content. New digital marketing trends and ideas refresh and reinvent themselves more often than your own personal feed. As a result, it is important for businesses to stay as […]

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4 Free Tools To Test The Effectiveness Of Your Website

website design tools

In this interconnected day and age, it’s important for any Brisbane business to have a website, and one with good design at that. A good website is measurable by not only how it looks, but how successful it is at both drawing the attention of potential customers, and turning them into buyers. So how can […]

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Beginner’s Guide to SEO… BATMAN Style

SEO tips for beginners - Batman Style

SEO can be a daunting process. That’s why we thought it would be easier to give you SEO tips for beginners… Batman style. Image credit: Comic Vine SEO TIP 1: DO YOUR KEYWORD RESEARCH Image credit: Bleeding Cool When solving a problem, Batman always looks for clues. So should you: one way to see the […]

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3 Free Online Tools All Designers Need to Know About

The amount of design tools available online these days can be overwhelming and it can be difficult knowing which will be beneficial to add to your repertoire as a designer. Here at Studio Culture, we have found three free design tools on the web that are our pick of the bunch when it comes to […]

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Pros And Cons Of Using Social Media For Business

Today’s vast array of social media channels in the marketplace have a number of pros and cons, ranging from the advantages of being fast, cheap and encouraging customer engagement to the cons of enabling the spread of false information and the need for daily monitoring placing high demands on your time. But how do these […]

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What You Need To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Agency

A high ranking on search engines is extremely advantageous for any business. Among many others things, SEO can generate a higher return on investment (ROI), increased brand awareness and a better reputation for your business online. Hiring the right SEO agency can help you achieve these things, but a poor choice in agency can have […]

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