Food, booze, DIY, and Kim Jon Un’s living or deceased status are just some of the terms being ‘Googled’ right now. As everyone flocks home to shelter from the Coronavirus, people are riddled with endless free time and limited ways to amuse themselves. It’s really no surprise that TV shows, virtual drinks and mobile apps have all seen dramatic spikes in their popularity. People are certainly becoming more curious, and what better way to find an answer to a question than asking the all knowing search engine, Google. We used Google’s Keyword Planner tool and Google Trends to see what exactly, in isolation, are the top Google searches right now.

We’ve broken these down into five categories. Entertainment and DIY, food, booze, politics and trending.

  1. 1. Isolation Entertainment

Quarantine binging is boosting streaming giant’s profits, with paid subscriptions for TV and video climbing 32% the week of March 16, according to Recurly Inc. The viral popularity of Netflix documentary series “Tiger King” continues to grow, while people turn to Google Play for the all too relatable, “Contagion”. Which of the trending two saw a higher number of searches?

Tiger King vs Contagion

top google searches right now

Winner: Tiger King

As millions of people stay at home, the digital gaming industry has seen a spectacular boom. Record numbers flock to gaming consoles and online servers for distraction. We compared the number of searches for Xbox and Playstation in a 2016 blog post, Trump or Hillary? Batman or Superman? We settle the most epic rivalries with a Google popularity contest. But, with the latest release of Nintendo Switch, will Xbox still come out on top?

Xbox Vs Nintendo Switch vs Playstation

top google searches right now

Winner: Nintendo Switch

Everyone with a working phone and internet connection would’ve likely seen a ‘Tik Tok challenge’ by now. Tik Tok challenges are usually a choreographed dance. You might recognise a few here, Best TikTok songs 2020: Every viral song from TikTok. Has Tik Tok taken over Snapchat for the 18-24 year old age demographic?

Tik Tok vs Snapchat

top google searches right now

Winner: Tik Tok


It seems people are learning to keep busy with home DIY projects. And with some things, we think this is great. With other things, we do not. The term How to Cut Your Own Hair, alarmingly, received over 15,000 searches in April.

top google searches right now

And if inspiration strikes, we’ll just leave this here.
top google searches right now

2. Food

Seemingly, everyone got a taste for baking this isolation. The keyword Sourdough Starter jumped from 1000 average monthly searches to 75,000! Which foods won over the public?

Sourdough vs Focaccia

top google searches right now

Winner: Focaccia

Hummus vs Guacamole

top google searches right now

Winner: Guacamole

Banana Bread vs Carrot Cake

top google searches right now

Winner: Banana Bread

Bolognese vs Carbonara

top google searches right now

Winner: Carbonara

3. Booze

Licensed venues are closed and people in isolation are getting thirsty. The search term, Cocktail Recipes, reached nearly 20,000 searches in April alone; a huge increase from its 4,000 average monthly searches. But which cocktail recipe was the favourite? Take a look.

Aperol Spritz vs Mojito

top google searches right now

Winner: Mojito

Bloody Mary vs Long Island Iced Tea

top google searches right now

Winner: Long Island Iced Tea

Pina Colada vs Espresso Martini

top google searches right now

Winner: Pina Colada

4. Politics

People can be quick to criticise, especially when their livelihood is at stake. We’ve seen a mixed basket of opinions when lockdown laws were introduced, some in favour of NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern’s strategy and some in favour of Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison’s strategy. Who was searched more frequently?

Jacinda Ardern vs Scott Morrison

top google searches right now

Winner: Scott Morrison (sorry Jacinda!)

Unfortunately, with mass job loss, people have turned to the Government for a helping hand. Was JobSeeker or JobKeeper more commonly searched?

Job Keeper vs Job Seeker

top google searches right now

Winner: Job Keeper

Kim Jong Un disappeared from the public’s eye for two weeks nearing the end of April. As a result, the search term Is Kim Jong Un dead? recorded a massive 165,000 searches in April alone. Did Kim Jong Un’s disappearing act take the limelight away from Donald Trump?

Kim Jong Un vs Donald Trump

Winner: Kim Jong Un


After videos of UFO sightings were released by the US Navy, the term UFO received over 1 million searches in one day. Following this, over 100,000 people searched Aliens on Tuesday, April 28, and the question Are UFO’s Real? was asked over 4000 times in April, quadrupling its monthly average of 1000 searches. Are people more interested in Aliens or UFOs?

Aliens vs UFO

top google searches right now

 Winner: Aliens

With everybody sharing the same interest of protecting themselves from the Coronavirus, the number of searches for the term personal hygiene tripled from January to March. But are people more interested in toilet paper or hand washing?

Toilet Paper vs Hand Washing

top google searches right now

Winner: Toilet Paper

Elon Musk Baby Name

Elon Musk Baby Name recorded over a million searches on Tuesday, May 5, which is barely a surprise considering the SpaceX CEO named his newborn ‘X Æ A-12’.

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To stay in the loop with the top Google searches right now, Google Trends offers some great insights into what people really want to know.  You can also jump straight into Coronavirus Search Trends to learn more about our current climate.

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