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The Latest in Digital: AdWords Has New Features, Facebook Punishes Poor Feedback & Ads Are Coming to Messenger

Facebook and Google have both rolled out some changes recently, and these changes could affect the way you run your marketing. AdWords has added new features that advertisers will find handy, and Facebook has announced that 1), it will punish businesses who receive negative customer feedback, and 2), that it is trialling video ads in messenger. […]

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Blockchain Potential in Marketing: Why Businesses Need to Start Paying Attention

When you hear someone mention blockchain potential, you generally assume they are about to start talking (and keep talking) about cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin. It’s worth noting that  while blockchain has significant currency application, the technology is capable of revolutionising much more than just the financial sphere. When it comes to digital marketing, blockchain may […]

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Marketing and Social Media Updates You May Have Missed

Christmas and the New Year have come and gone, and there are a host of social media updates you may have missed among the stress and the fuss. Google and Facebook have been particularly busy, rolling out updates aimed at streamlining and enhancing user experience. We take a deeper look into the digital and social […]

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Facebook Rolls out ‘Explore Feed’ to Desktop

Facebook’s ‘Explore Feed’ is rolling out globally this week. Previously available on mobile devices in the main navigation, Explore Feed is now available for desktop users. According to TechCrunch, the expansion to desktop was first spotted (at least publicly) by Matt Navarra, who shared a screenshot of the Explore Feed on Twitter: Where do You […]

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BATTLE OF THE PLATFORMS: Snapchat Versus Instagram Stories!!

instagram versus snapchat

Nearly a year ago Instagram launched its version of Snapchat ‘stories’ and ever since it has been a battle of the platforms – Snapchat versus Instagram, who will win? To bring you up to date: Instagram, despite being late to the game, instantly had an advantage over Snapchat as it drew on individual accounts existing […]

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5 digital marketing updates you need to know

Social media illustrations

Businesses are currently dealing in an extremely competitive arena. The Internet has made life easier in bountiful ways, but it also drives competition and necessitates high-quality content. New digital marketing trends and ideas refresh and reinvent themselves more often than your own personal feed. As a result, it is important for businesses to stay as […]

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Top 5 Pokemon Go Hacks For Your Business

Ahhhh Pokémon, you were once my favourite hobby, the zu to my bat, the pika to my chu – and now you are back with a vengeance with Pokémon Go. You’ve successfully taken over in under a week, being installed more than Tinder and having almost as many daily active users as Twitter. Rather impressive […]

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High-Value Social media is the ‘Key to Success!’ ????

Key to Success

Enter DJ Khaled – A DJ and producer integral to the Rap and Hip Hop industry and community. DJ Khaled has worked with every “major” artist from Drake and Lil Wayne to Chris Brown and Kanye West. Three months ago, Khaled would not have been the talk of marketers, tech executives, families and people everywhere… […]

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International Women’s Day #IWD2016

iwdlarge - header

Today is International Women’s Day, and we thought we’d celebrate the occasion by highlighting the achievements of some of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs: Jodie Fox, Melanie Perkins and Rebekah Campbell. Jodie Fox – Co-founder of design-your-own shoe company ‘Shoes of Prey’ Jodie comes from a background in advertising and law, and co-founded the company […]

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3 Free Online Tools All Designers Need to Know About

The amount of design tools available online these days can be overwhelming and it can be difficult knowing which will be beneficial to add to your repertoire as a designer. Here at Studio Culture, we have found three free design tools on the web that are our pick of the bunch when it comes to […]

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Biggest Social Media Headlines of 2014

2014 has been a big year for the online world. Social media has more new visitors than ever, business is constantly changing to keep up with the digital landscape, and Barbie has joined LinkedIn. Here are some of the most noteworthy social media and digital technology related events from this year, brought to you by […]

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