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Pandemic Impact on Business: Leading Digital Transformation

With gatherings restricted and social distancing a global instruction, it’s clear that any event, conference or meeting is now postponed indefinitely. As the pandemic impact on business comes crashing down, brands are scrambling for a solution to recreate this essential in-person experience, online. A sharp rise in the usage of webinars, Zoom meetings, Slack channels, […]

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The Netflix Business Model – How Marketing and Analytics Helped Make a Media Monster

The current Netflix juggernaut has been a long time in the making. Hatched from humble beginnings in 1997, the membership-based streaming service recently surpassed Disney as the number 1 media company in the USA. It’s commercial-free, always available and lets you indulge in lengthy binge sessions without a soul-crushing hangover – as a boredom-buster, it’s […]

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Online Communication Evolves: LinkedIn Introduces GIFs, While Messenger Trials an ‘Unsend’ Feature

Self-expression is a moving target in the digital age. Providers are scrambling to keep up with the latest online communication habits as they apply to both personal and professional usage. This week’s online updates concern direct messaging, with Facebook and LinkedIn both making surprising changes to their service. We also take a look at Google’s […]

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Blockchain Potential in Marketing: Why Businesses Need to Start Paying Attention

When you hear someone mention blockchain potential, you generally assume they are about to start talking (and keep talking) about cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin. It’s worth noting that  while blockchain has significant currency application, the technology is capable of revolutionising much more than just the financial sphere. When it comes to digital marketing, blockchain may […]

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Business Colours and Branding: 4 Tips for Building Your Brand Identity

Designing your logos and selecting business colours can be an exciting aspect of starting a new enterprise, but there is a lot to consider. As consumers, our minds makes decisions almost instantaneously – you’ve got a couple of seconds to convey the purpose of your brand and make a positive impact. These tips for choosing […]

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Merry Christmas, everybody

Digital marketing Christmas - seo social media web design

The team at Studio Culture would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016. We had an amazing year this year and look forward to an even more exciting year ahead. This year represented a significant growth stage in our company: we moved to a bigger office, our directors were […]

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