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The Latest AdWords Updates – Google Launches New Interface and Improves Analysis

Google’s popular pay-per-click advertising service is going through changes. The search giant is constantly searching for ways to streamline their service, and the recent launch of a new interface allows users to focus on the most important metrics without unnecessary distraction. We have detailed the latest AdWords updates and improvements, as well as outlined the […]

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The Latest in Social Advertising: AdWords, Instagram and LinkedIn Improve Their Ad Potential

Major platforms are continuing to develop their social advertising capacity early in 2018, with a particular focus on delivering a simple user experience. These updates pertain to improvements and changes to online advertising. LinkedIn, Instagram and Google AdWords have integrated new ideas, while Facebook has stripped third-party access in an effort to rebuild user confidence. […]

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Boost Your Holiday Sales with These 5 Easter Marketing Ideas

Hot cross buns and chocolate eggs are filling the shelves at your local supermarket, so that must mean that Easter is approaching. While Easter isn’t for everyone, businesses can effectively capitalise on the holiday cheer with a few simple measures. These 5 Easter marketing ideas can help drive sales and showcase the personality of your […]

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Google Search Console Update: How Marketers Can Take Advantage

Google Search Console has undergone a major overhaul. The free platform for website indexing has long been popular with webmasters, and this updated version boasts improved metrics and data options. We take you through the changes to Google Search Console, and explain how marketers can use the new platform to optimise visibility and boost SEO […]

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Social and Search Updates: Google and YouTube Announce 2018 Changes

Online giants Google and YouTube have announced a series of search updates intended to enhance user experience in 2018. Youtube is imposing stricter criteria for content creators, while Google is introducing new search updates aimed at improving mobile page speeds, as well as an updated app for Google AdWords users. We take a closer look […]

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Weird, Funny and WTF Google Searches of 2016

obama google search

Happy New Year everyone. Ever wonder what people are searching for on Google? As part of our 2016 wrap up, we brainstormed hundreds of strange, weird and WTF-type keywords and used Google’s Keyword Planner to find out, on average, how many times these terms were searched every month. For the purpose of this blog post, […]

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